Chronicle 43, Simpsons, São Paulo street art, De Stijl and more…

Chronicle / 08 February

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Annelie Vandendael Photography

Annelie Vandendael uses her Hasselblad analog camera to represent real people, with their very own personality, beauty and imperfection. 

De Stijl

De Stijl

Primary colors, clean lines, asymmetrical simplicity: You might recognize them from Google, but they come the 1917 Dutch art movement De Stijl.


Scenic Simpsons

Great instagram showcasing the most beautiful scenes, colours, sets and abstract compositions from The Simpsons.

Street Art


Excellent drone footage of the street art in the metropolis of São Paulo

No Plan

No Plan

A slightly long but charming song about a horse yard in Meath St, Dublin


Shrinking iPad sales

Although there was much good news for Apple in its quarterly earnings, one area that remains weak is the iPad with sales down a further 20%.