Chronicle 44, Brutalist Berkeley Library, 70s New York, Richard Mosse

Chronicle / 08 March

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Richard Mosse


In his latest attempt to document the human struggle of the refugee crisis, irish artist Richard Mosse has turned to a powerful military grade camera that detects body heat from over 30km away.

New York

1970’s New York

It was a tough town back then!

Berkeley Library

Berkeley Library, Trinity College

A brutalist, concrete mass with an above ground bunker feel to it, but one that was hailed from the outset and which now, 50 years after it was built, is loved by many of those who work in it every day.


World Wide Web explained in 1996

An incredibly ’90’s explainer for the world wide web from ABC Australia

Last Hour

How to spend the last hour of your workday

How to fight that slump, with 60-minute “soft projects” to wrap up every day of the week.


Apple v Microsoft 

Bill Gates weighs in on the origin of the Apple v Microsoft Debate