Chronicle 45, YesJulz, AI propaganda, VR Interfaces and more…

Chronicle / 05 April

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Snapchat the promotional tool 

Snapchat queen & power publicist YesJulz snaps behind-the-scenes party pics, but her most popular posts are personal


Propaganda Machines

Interesting 20 minute opinion piece how weaponized AI propaganda is being used to manipulate our opinions and behaviour to advance specific political agendas.


VR Interface Design

How to get started in designing interfaces for a 360-degree environment 


Building of the Barbican

Great set of photos documenting the construction of the Barbican Estate in London through the 60’s and 70’s


Rare Vinyl Covers

Hipster alert! Check out these retro sleeves 


Social apps are all starting to look the same

As companies like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snap have evolved, they’ve started to borrow product ideas from each other and in the process are starting to look the same.