Chronicle 20 – Silk Road, Slack, remote tribes & those subway carriages

Chronicle / 04 February

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Eye catching

Eye catching frames

Effective parallax site with clever photography to promote Andy Wolf’s ‘Awe’ range

Himba Tribe

Before They Pass

Jimmy Nelson spent 3 years travelling the world and capturing 30 remote tribes. Stunning photography.
Really nice site too.

Internet Archive

Brewster Kahle talks about his Wayback machine at



We got Billie Jean among others


The Rise of Slack

From 0 to $1B – Slack’s Founder Shares Their Epic Launch Strategy

Bike to Work

Bike to work

Every bike ride to work should feel this good. Shot by Dylan Buffington.

Silk Road

Silk Road Trial

Silk Road was the online deep web marketplace, best known as a platform for selling illegal drugs. Update
here on proceedings


Subway carriages go underwater

Photographer, Stephen Mallon, followed the process of transforming subway cars into artificial coral reefs