Chronicle 21 – Mardis Gras, Aerosmith, Flowmotion, Blackphone, Joshua Davies

Chronicle / 02 March

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Mardi Gras

Fat Tuesday 

Or Mardis Gras as it is commonly known was celebrated recently and The Boston Globe has some great photographs from around the world

25 Photoshop

Photoshop is 25

One minute of Photoshop’s greatness helped along by Aerosmith

Responsive Design

Responsive Design Philosophy

Interesting read on how the web could adopt some principles from newspapers and how they respond to any combination of events with a design that gives each event the proper editorial weight.

Joshua Davis on The Great Discontent

Great read. Warts and all interview with Joshua Davis, Artist, Designer and Programmer by Ryan and Tina Essmaker from TGD.



For those who fear for their data protection, this 560€ Android phone is for you, check out their #PrivacyProject video


Dubai Flow Motion

Pretty stunning video of a trip to Dubai with some great effects.