Chronicle 22 – Latidoamericano, Staycations, mobile design strategy and much more

Chronicle / 02 April

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Anyone for a Staycation?

Anyone for a Staycation?

Here is Tripadvisor’s top 10 places to visit in Ireland: Killarney, Dublin, Dingle, Galway, Donegal Town, Westport, Cork, Sligo, Doolin, Tralee.


Latido Americano 

Google’s Cultural Institute is an immersive site for browsing photography around the world, we went to the Festival internacional de Arte Urbano realizado in Lima, Perú, take a look


Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

On April 21st
the Search engine is getting strict on how it ranks your site on mobile searches.  Contact us if you have any questions on upgrading your website.

Sober Sessions

Good Friday for a session

Sober Sessions are back in Dublin tomorrow in Fumbally Exchange, Good Friday with Stephen James and Miriam Donohue,

Customer Interface

The Customer Interface Layer

“The new breed of companies are the fastest-growing in history. Uber, Instacart, Alibaba, Airbnb, Seamless, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google: These companies are indescribably thin layers that sit on top of vast supply systems (where the costs are) and interface with a huge number of people (where
the money is)”

Usability Counts

Your Mobile Design Strategy

Great Article from Usability Counts “Determining your mobile needs is like buying a car: the user may be an Italian speed demon that wants to go fast, a soccer mom that wants utility or a naturist that wants to go offroading. Each has a different context, and no one car can fill every need.”