Chronicle 24 – Open road, Dublin bay, Hamburger menus & Stan Douglas

Chronicle / 04 June

And then it was June! Here is Chronicle 24 for you to enjoy.

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Freedom of The Open Road

Freedom of The Open Road

A beautiful series of photographs from photographer Katharina Jung. This is what she saw while on the road in New Zealand.

Stan Douglas

Stan Douglas: Mise en Scène

An Excerpt from “Luanda Kinshasa ” a film set in a reconstruction of the legendary NYC Columbia 30th Street Studio. Now open at
IMMA – well worth checking out.

Battle for the Bay

Battle for the Bay

Dollymount Strand in Dublin was very busy recently for the 2015 Battle for The Bay, check out this video

Luas Fight

Chaos on the Luas

This is from a few years ago, but the Green Line never saw so much action, the Red Line is pretty much like this every day! Ek Tha Tiger
is the film.


Hamburger Icons 

The hamburger button has become a common symbol on our smartphones, tablets and computers. BBC magazine asks, what is it, where did it come from, and do people really know what it means?

Amazon takes the Subway for deliveries

Amazon delivers via Subway

NYC’s famously bad traffic makes delivery within the city a bit more complicated. So Amazon couriers do what most New Yorkers do to avoid surface traffic: jump on the subway.