Chronicle 25 – Surfin’, Sliding, Mobile eating the world & Jobs

Chronicle / 02 July

¯_(ツ)_/¯ Here is our 25th Chronicle.
We only write to you once a month, so get in here


Super Slide

Texas Super Slide

A sun-kissed video from very sunny Texas.

Fergal Smith

Surfing & Gardening

Fergal Smith, professional surfer, Surfed and created a community garden in Moy, West Clare for a year


Steve Jobs new Trailer

Looks like this release in October will pack a few more punches than the dribble that came out previously with Ashton Kutcher

Mobile is Eating the World

Mobile is eating the world

Fascinating presentation from Benedict Evans; the macro view of how mobile is changing the technology industry, the internet and the broader economy


Dublin AtoZ via Google Maps

Someone with a lot of time on their hands got all 26 letters of the alphabet from Dublin landmarks on Google Maps

What is the web for?

What is the Web For?

A short and succinct answer from Brad Frost and in answering he says “The Web is a continuum of experiences served to a multitude of people on a dizzying array of devices, browsers, and environments.” True. That.