Chronicle 27 – BMX Insanity, Zeppelin Live, Magazine covers and more

Chronicle / 28 September

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The Evolution of Magazine Covers

An interesting, visual look at how we’ve changed in the past 100 years


What happens when the ramps you want to ride are so big they don’t exist?

Insane biking over containers from Drew Bezanson, “My goal on this project was to ride stuff that would really scare me. To push my personal limits on a bike and to ride stuff I would never get the opportunity to ride unless it was built.”


Facebook: only 85.7% of Earth did not use our site on Monday

Facebook’s Statistics from last Monday.

Mobile Web

The problem with mobile Browsers

Interesting article on how browsing on the mobile web can be quite a frustration experience.


Led Zeppelin 2012

Best comment on this 2 hour live video regarding the dislikes has to be “The musical taste of 1,072 people took the stairway to hell.”

Fat News

News Sites Are Fatter and Slower Than Ever

An analysis of download times highlights how poorly designed news sites are.  The argument is that an article on Wikipedia can load up to 5 times faster than an article on your average news site.