Chronicle 28 – Life on the Road, Web awards, Web Summit woes and more…

Chronicle / 07 October

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Life on The Road

Life on the Road

Back in the 90’s a whole bunch of young people decided it was way more fun to live in old double-decker buses and party non-stop rather than getting an office job and starting a family. Tom Hunter hosted an exhibition of photos taken during that time.
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Web Summit

Is the Web Summit a scam?

Well,’s editor seems to think so, interesting debate.

Examples aplenty: from toying with the number of attendees from a certain country that have purportedly signed up to buy event tickets to actually showing logos from startups who haven’t registered – and some not even ever heard of – the Web Summit. That is downright misleading and unethical.

Web Awards

Web Awards finalists

We are delighted to announce that is a finalist for “Best Practice” in the 2015 Web Awards. #realexwebs15

Ad Blocking

Ad Blocking & the Future
of the Web

Good read on why Apple including ad blocking in iOS9

Apple is trying to hurt arch-rival Google while providing a more elegant (i.e. more Apple-like) web experience than user-hostile ad networks have previously allowed.

How to appear Thoughtful and Engaged without saying a word

Yep, you’ve guessed it, 9 awesome nodding strategies for that next meeting. Winning.


The End of Design As We Know It

Controversial. Interesting read on how design might look like in 30 years.

The canary in the coal mine is Autodesk’s Project Dreamcatcher, Dreamcatcher appears to work like this: Industrial designers put together inspiration in the form of exemplars and combine them with requirements and constraints, then feed them all into Dreamcatcher

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$7,000 for a Beard Transplant 

Dr. Epstein, who has offices in Miami and Manhattan, performed four or five facial hair transplants
annually a decade ago. Now, he said, the average is three a week. Read it and weep…