Chronicle 29 – New work, Spotify data & more…

Chronicle / 04 November

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Business in the Community Ireland

We recently launched a website for Business in the Community Ireland – the network for responsible business. An enjoyable collaborative project with the team at Red Dog Design.

Giraffe Childcare

Giraffe Childcare

Back in August, we completed a new responsive site for irish owned Giraffe Childcare. Another team-up with RichardsDee.

The Day You Became A Better Designer

Tobias Van Schneider

Often quoted for saying, “I live life like its one big side project” van Schneider’s mantra has definitely paid off and is currently the Art Director at Spotify.


The most timeless songs of all time

Until recently, it was impossible to measure the popularity of older music – with Spotify, a buffet of all of music (except Taylor Swift), we can measure the popularity of music over the decades. 

The Last Stand

Marc Wilson: The Last Stand

Marc Wilson has spent four years documenting the physical traces of the second world war on the coastlines of northern Europe.

Beat It

The life of a song: Beat It

Podcast: Michael Jackson’s first foray into rock helped dismantle barriers of genre – and race – in the early 1980s music business.