Chronicle 30 – Desert sun, Hacking, Light installations and more

Chronicle / 02 December

Below are links that interested and inspired us this month. We hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of 2015.

Burning Man

Burning Man

It is winter in case you didn’t notice, so here’s a brilliant photo series of sun drenched people shambling around the desert in Nevada by Trey Ratcliff.

The Vitrine Project

The Vitrine Project

The Vitrine Project is part of Liminal
– Irish design at the threshold, the flagship exhibition from Irish Design 2015 on show at the ID2015 Design Hub, Dublin Castle from November 20th to December 30th, 2015. 

Artists creates 5 storey glowing star

Five-Storey Glowing Star

Kuala Lumpur-based architect and artist Jun Ong has embedded a five-storey lighting installation within the core of an unfinished concrete building. spanning the full height of the architectural skeleton


The Hack That Will Never Go Away

The most popular method of attack is SQL injection (SQLi), where hackers typically enter malicious commands into forms on a website to make it churn out juicy bits of data.


Chrome on Android now has a data saver mode

Google created the Data Saver mode in Chrome to reduce the amount of data that gets used up when you’re browsing the web. It also makes slow internet connections much more tolerable since you’re pulling down webpages that’ve been “optimised” for data efficiency by Google.