Chronicle 32 – Vintage Dublin, Twitter slippage, Style guides, The Alps…

Chronicle / 05 February

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Twitter in Decline

Leaked Twitter IP Geo API data shows the number of tweets per day created by Twitter’s users has fallen by more than half since a peak in August 2014

Style Guides

Website Style Guide Best Practices

Really interesting talk from Brad Frost on effective Pattern Libraries that include brand and design guides, writing guides for team members and code guides


Vintage Photographs of Dublin’s Inner City

“Brutal, polluting traffic cut the city in two, and the Liffey Quays, once the showpiece of a proud Georgian city, had devolved into a ragged jumble of antique shops, greasy spoons, and car repair places,”


Google street tour of 1916

Slick tour of some of the locations of the Rising, narrated by Colin Farrell. Pictured above is Stephen’s Green around that time including a 1916 Luas


The Iconic vertigo inducing Matterhorn 

Pretty hard to watch climb towards the top of the 10th highest peak in the Alps, Yikes!