Chronicle 35 – Hammertime, Carson surfing, web design mistakes and more

Chronicle / 05 May

Chronicle 35, thanks for reading. Here at the Chronicle we have been nominated for a 2016 Sockie (Social media awards) and we’re stoked #SockOnThis

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MC Hammer sampled Prince

We know Nothing Compares 2 U but The Bangles, TLC, JayZ, MC Hammer, Chaka Khan, Stevie Nicks, and others also made use of songs written by Prince.


How Shannon inspired China’s economic boom

Shannon town, with a population of just 9,673 in Clare, is widely considered the site of the first modern “special economic zone” (SEZ), Today there are thousands of these zones around the world, the best-known of which are in China where they are credited with helping fuel the country’s dramatic economic boom over the past quarter


Common web design mistakes  

Our favourites from this list: having text and elements too close to each other; Bloated, slow-loading pages; Overly-aggressive advertising; treating web design like print design. p.s the article itself is guilty of a very common mistake – not using the correct default image size, sloppy Adobe.

Land Rover

The Land Rover Defender

Behind the scenes at Twisted, a custom refitter transforming rough-and-ready into refined.


David Carson: Surfer

Everybody in design knows David Carson, but we did not know he once was a pro surfer. He rose to prominence in the 90’s after art directing Transworld, Beach Culture and Ray Gun Magazines before going on to start his studio.

Shot/Reverse Shot

Joel & Ethan Coen: Shot / Reverse Shot

Interesting look at how the Coen Brothers use shot/reverse shot in a unique way while filming conversations to engage the audience.