Chronicle No.2

Chronicle / 28 June

We promise no mention of Anglo, Angela or tapes in here! Here we go with Chronicle No. 2..


Have a great weekend!

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iOS 7/iOS 6 Comparison

1. iOS 7/iOS 6 Comparison

This is an excellent article on the changes that are coming for iOS, Matt Gemmell says it is all about bringing the content to the front. The redesign is almost like a reverse foreground-background of Windows Phone.

“The chrome on the iOS 6 screen eats away 60% of the display, and very much has the appearance of an alert. The newer version not only lets you see more of the caller’s photo, but is a quieter presentation. It’s not a fetishistic encrusting of widgets, but rather just content – with a few options hanging around if you wish to use them.”

If you have any questions regarding the new iOS 7 or mobile apps, please get in touch now.

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Why people become Facebook Fans

2. Why people become Facebook Fans

Most people who “like” brands on Facebook do so because they actually like them, not because they want to get free or discounted stuff, according to a new survey.

That finding may sound obvious, but for marketers the takeaway may be that your money is better spent on branding ads on Facebook than call-to-action direct-response ads that may actually produce more likes and higher click-through rates.

All this a bit confusing? want to increase your Fans on Facebook? give us a shout and we can talk to you about creating a strategy.

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Lets all get High with Google

3. Lets all get High with Google

If you’re unfamiliar with Google Grants, it’s the nonprofit version of AdWords launched in 2003, which allows participating nonprofits to spend up to $10,000 per month in grants on AdWords.

The grant for Michigan Compassion advertising doesn’t seem to fit neatly within any of Google’s AdWords policies. According to its guidelines, there are certain restrictions on prescription drugs and even tobacco, but since Michigan Compassion is not a direct retailer for prescription marijuana, rather an organization dedicated to the awareness of the benefits of medical cannabis, the guidelines could be different.

If you need advice on setting up a Google Adwords account for your organisation give us a shout. We have just completed a great campaign for the ISPCA which we can go through with you.

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Get your priorities in order

4. Get your priorities in order

It helps to get your priorities in order from the beginning of your app development. This article reminds us to focus on the important things in any website/app development and how not to lose track of what you app/website is supposed to do and how leveraging third party stuff should be a secondary consideration i.e your app should do something that makes someone want to tweet about it or share it – having the button there is not enough.

To talk to us about web/app development please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Preparing for your responsive design or retrofit

5. Preparing for your responsive design or retrofit

A responsive design for your site (if you don’t have a dedicated mobile site or app) is essential in todays market. offers a quick way to view the various sizes involved and how popular they are.

If you want a responsive design or retrofit for your site or app please contact us.

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How audiences use Social Networks while watching TV

6. How audiences use Social Networks while watching TV

Anyone that follows the hashtag #vinb for TV3’s Vincent Browne show already knows this; consumers appear to love using social media while they watch TV.

Many discuss what they’re watching, and these conversations continue long after air-time, with TV-linked chatter accounting for a significant percentage of overall social media activity.

Find out more about our social media marketing services.

Thanks for reading, let us know if you have any comments or if you would like to chat about a project, get in touch at and of course we are on Facebook and Twitter

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