New eCommerce website for Planettis

Latest / 10 May

Responsive eCommerce website

We designed and built this new ecommerce website for Planettis, a brand new service designed to make language learning efficient, user friendly and fun.

What is Planettis?

Connect to the World

Planettis is a new online subscription service for learning languages.  Planettis uses the most natural method through listening, repeating, reading and writing; the same way you learned from your mother tongue.  By using short, easy to remember sentences and an easy step by step learning process, learning a foreign language has never been so easy.

Design & Build

We worked closely with Planettis to collate all relevant information needed for the project, taking very detailed requirements and features list. Through workshops we mapped out clear user journeys to better understand their users and personas.  After extensive workshops with key stakeholders, we performed further comprehensive research. This informed our decision making regarding initial Information architecture, user experience and user interface design.

We worked from a defined list of monthly reviews and assessments of all KPI’s. This ensured the quality of our services exceeded expectations throughout the overall commission.

Responsive eCommerce website

Along with all the requirements of a very technical build, we delivered a fully customised Stripe based subscription system based around the delivery of over 500 unique lessons.

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Responsive eCommerce website